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    • Magento: The best choice for online stores

    Magento: The best choice for online stores

    Magento- The best choice for online stores

    Magento is the best choice for online stores, it is an eCommerce platform that provides you with control over your online business with its flexible, powerful, and open features. Over 1,75,000 active online stores (from global brands to boutique shops) rely on Magento to launch an online store. Magento encourages community contribution and provides merchants with the ideal tools to launch an online store. Also don’t forget to check out the Guide on marketing your business online

    What are the advantages of Magento?

    The capabilities of Magento go beyond simply selling products. Magento is an open-source system that allows you to create and manage as many stores as you want. It’s flexible enough that you could have as many customer or supplier points of contact.

    Check out these 14 reasons to choose Magento as your next E-commerce platform:

    1. Scalability → It is easy for businesses to scale since you do not have any restrictions on how many stores or products you create.
    2. Performance → With Magento, you can make use of Modern Best Practices and Progressive Enhancements to boost the performance of the platform
    3. Security and Reliability → Highly secure platform with long-established security standards across the product lifecycle; A platform that has been tested for years
    4. SEO Friendly → Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of Magento’s marketing features that helps merchants increase organic traffic by improving their visibility in search results.
    5. Community Support → Powered by open-source and free technology, it has numerous features, is extremely user-friendly, and has extensive community support.
    6. Lean Architecture → Because the platform has a lean and intuitive architecture, those with little experience with online shopping can easily navigate and shop across a number of places within the platform
    7. Responsive Design → A Magento store is unique among e-commerce solutions because of its cutting-edge design and responsive capabilities.
    8. Developer Friendly → Allows developers and designers to easily create the ideal web store according to their visions. It is easy to install, manage, and upgrade.
    9. Headless → You can integrate the Frontend with any Frontend Framework and decouple it from Magento backend
    10. Multiple Stores Management → Allows you to open an unlimited number of stores
    11. Payment Methods → Compatible with a number of different payment gateways; it comes installed with a number of pre-installed gateways, and more can be added at a later date. Few notable payment gateway in the region are Simplify (QNB), QPAY, Fatora, Sadad, Amazon Pay, Twyla, Tess, My Fatoorah and many others.
    12. Integrations → Provides seamless integration with third-party platforms, as well as plug-ins that let you create customized business solutions
    13. Multilingual support → Multilingual support (A major advantage for online stores in the MENA region) with Arabic support
    14. Migration → The ease of migrating from any platform

    Other E-commerce Platforms


    Using the WordPress plugin Woocommerce, you can sell products online to customers. You can easily add products, edit product details, and put prices on them. It is also possible to add different payment gateways so they can protect you from fraud when you sell your products.

    Big Commerce

    The biggest downside to Big Commerce is that it requires you to use your own server (although they do offer their own service at a price). Paypal is among the payment methods your customers can use with Big Commerce’s cloud-based platform.


    You can sell your products online through  Shopify, which makes it easy for you. Getting your own online store up and running with Shopify takes less than five minutes. For using shopify, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

    E-commerce Website built on Magento

    The following is a list of online stores in Qatar that are built on Magento:


    Despite its early days, it has grown to become one of the most popular online stores. The platform’s advantages are so comprehensive that many top-performing online stores choose it for their online store. When used correctly, Magento can help you achieve your business and eCommerce goals.

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