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    Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal For Small Businesses

    Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal For Small Businesses

    Your website represents the digital side of your business. Running all day long for the customers while your shop or store might not be even open? Welcome to the world of digital marketing! 

    The size of the company does not matter for every business on this planet that owns a website to milk the potential of the online market and usurp market growth. However, that isn’t a walk in the park.

    Having a visually appealing and functionally impeccable website gives you a grand entry into the ultra-dynamic digital space. Most small companies depend on professional web development companies such as DIGITURNAL to do the often-tedious looking process of customized website design and development.

    Worried if that would cut the edges for you? Well, no one would outright deny it if you approach the high-end service providers on the block. 

    Alternatively, you can say HOLA to WordPress!

    WordPress is unarguably the most popular content management system (CMS) with nearly 29% of the websites running on it. It is a free platform that powers the back end and front end of your website.

    WordPress creates and organizes all your pages, posts, and other media tools almost like a breeze. It is that easy! No wonder, WordPress is the most obvious choice for bloggers and small ventures. 

    Yet some of the big names in the world, such as the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, UPS, Sony, BBC America, and Mashable have built their websites on WordPress! 

    It is anointed as the best alternative for small businesses to build their websites. Why?  Keep reading to know the seven compelling reasons that make WordPress is a preferred choice: 

    1. A Thunderous Start to Blogging 

    Are you blogging? Not yet? You are certainly missing out on the potential of connecting with a wider customer base. Every business enterprise aggressively pursues regular blogging and articles to keep their users informed, updated, and engaged! 

    Platforms such as Blogger and Tumblr have been popular choices to write blogs for small companies but WordPress has revolutionized the sector.

    You get separate space to publish and update your blogs to connect with their followers and build a good base for real business. 

    You have got a small business, and these little steps matter to build a repo with your tribe! Want some more buzz for your blogs?  

    Use social media sharing features to get likes, shares, comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  But there is a lot more on WordPress for bloggers to expand! 

     2. Advanced Security & Safety Features 

    Make no mistake, security breaches are widely prevalent in this industry. Equifax and Weebly have had their share of world embarrassment when their websites were hacked in recent years. 

    Let’s be clear: WordPress is neither 100% impregnable, yet it offers you some cutting edge advantages over any such malicious threats.

    WordPress is vigilant to such security loopholes as it provides automatic updates to keep the website security under check.  Many CMS have a huge downtime but WordPress gives you a seamless experience so that your website runs smoothly.  

    3. WordPress Is Open Source

    Possibly the biggest advantage you can enjoy with WordPress is the overwhelming customizations to meet distinct business needs. Your developers and programmers can add their own plugins, updates, and themes if that improves website performance.  

    All this and more without any additional cost! Fantastic. 

    4. SEO-Friendly Websites 

    Search engine optimization is the lifeline of digitally-powered websites. It may take time for your SEO strategies to start drawing positive ranking results for major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. 

    WordPress offers SEO-friendly features such as plugins that make your job a lot easier.  If you are not satisfied with the default WordPress, plugins can add an unbelievable level of functionality for your business. 

    As of now, WordPress has over 50,000 free plugins that have covered a multitude of factors that make way for robust websites.  From adding a form, turning into a shop to integrating with social networks, and much more, plugins are very helpful for small companies to expand their wings.  

    5. WordPress – A Seasoned Player  

    WordPress and website development often go hand in hand. It’s been in the market for more than a decade by now and became the first choice of many premium websites we mentioned in the beginning!  

    Many companies consider creating a website nothing short of a herculean task but WordPress has defied all preconceived notions. No coding or complicated iterations. 

    In fact, it is pretty easy: 

    • Create an account with a web host 
    • Purchase a domain name through the web host provider 
    • Log in to your hosting control panel and install the WordPress software.

    However, you got to be a bit proficient with techy stuff to configure WordPress from its admin panel. Select the themes, templates, plugins, etc to make custom WordPress websites.  

    Alternatively, you can consult the #1 WordPress Website Development Company in Qatar for dedicated services to get highly engaging websites.

    WordPress seems pretty hassle-free but not perfect.  Its engineers work day and night to fix the lingering issues and improve the performance for the end clients. The overwhelming ease and the growing functionalities are a testament to the amount of dedicated work that does behind to make it so amazing!  

    6. Sharp & Slick Coding For WordPress

    You do not have to complicate things to look good. Do you? Well, most companies have this perception of hiring software developers for coding the website from scratch. It takes time, resources, and of course, does not come for free!

    For every change or update, you have to rely on the coders to do the needful. But with WordPress, any standard coder can do the job without any rigorous procedures.  

    7. Stand Along With The Brands In Big League 

    WordPress is a versatile CMS that has forayed into different industry verticals.  Visit New York Times, CNN, Forbes, etc to know what it takes to have a WordPress website.  

    The kind of reputation WordPress has earned over the years, building your website on it builds your market credibility and gains market prominence. 

    Make powerful and scalable websites that stand out amongst the horde and draw high-quality organic traffic for your business growth.

    In Conclusion 

    Whether it’s a new venture or reviving your small business, WordPress can be the perfect source of profound help in designing and developing highly-customizable spectacular websites.

    In need of professional help? Get in touch with industry-leading Digiturnal for a full suite of web and mobile app solutions that strengthen your online presence and build your brand value.  Do share your project goals and contact information so that we can proceed further. 

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