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    • 6 Lessons Learned from a Technology Entrepreneurs Journey

    6 Lessons Learned from a Technology Entrepreneurs Journey

    6 Lessons from Entrepreneur
    Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. It comes with many challenges. Many people think starting your own company is easy, but in reality, it’s one of the hardest things you can do and only a few succeed.


    Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. It comes with many challenges. Many people think starting your own company is easy, but in reality, it’s one of the hardest things you can do and only a few succeed. The most successful ones are the ones who push through and don’t give up. Abdelrahman Haroun, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Digiturnal has given us insight into his journey as a tech entrepreneur and all the hardships he encountered on his journey.

    Haroun started his journey at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar with no plans to pursue a career in digital technology. At CMUQ, Haroun tried new things and learnt more about himself and his skills and soon became passionate about information systems and the world of technology. However, after graduation, his expectations were overthrown. From being fired to being turned away by several investors, Haroun never gave up and took a huge risk when starting Digiturnal. He says, “it’s a mindset, and anything that comes out of my company is a direct reflection of our core values. We embed our core values into each and every piece of our work, whether it be an email or a project proposal”.

    Below are 6 lessons that Haroun thinks are valuable for any entrepreneur

    You don’t choose your circumstances

    You don’t get to choose what happens to you. You don’t choose where you come from or where you were born. You don’t choose your parents and the school you go to. What you have control of is your reaction to things that happen to you. Don’t complain! You can choose how you respond to a difficult or uncomfortable situation, and you can choose how you want to move forward.

    Genius of the And vs Tyranny of the Or

    Always think when you are given the option between A or B, why not have both A and B. Jim C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras, authors of ‘Built to Last’, claim when you are presented with choices, think outside the box! Always think, can I have both? For example, can I offer high quality services with fair pricing? At Digiturnal we strive to give our clients the best of both.

    Companies aren’t built on successful projects

    Smart products at some point become obsolete, it’s what the company stands for. There are statistics that show when a company starts with a very successful product, they end up failing in the long-term because they hold too much to that one idea. It is much better to start and keep working on current ideas as well as coming up with new ones. These days, technology is continuously evolving. For companies to keep up these advancements, they too need to evolve and try new things. HP, today known as one of the world’s largest technology companies, had a toilet flusher as their first product.

    It’s okay to be unsure of what you want

    It’s okay to be confused, it’s okay to not know what your passion is; try a lot of things, it will eventually come to you. It is so important to go out to discover and find what you are passionate about you. You need to try as many things as possible able eventually you will see what works and what doesn’t. Trying new things helps you discover yourself as a person, changes your perspective, and helps you decide what you want.

    Preserve the core & stimulate progress

    Build a strong core foundation and always keep yourself progressing, never to be in a comfort zone. It is important to start building your identity and what you stand for as a person. As you progress in life, preserve your core foundation, always increase your knowledge, and always try to be the best in what you’re doing.

    Solving meaningful problems one at a time

    Whether you end up as a CEO, Manager, Employee, or even a Start-up Founder, always focus on solving problems around you. Don’t do something because you have to, always try to do it to solve a problem. When doing something, ask yourself, will this solve a problem for me? Will this solve a problem for a client? An organization’s ability to solve problems is one of the most important aspects of a business.


    Whether you are a student, start-up owner, or CEO, make sure to always remember your core values and what you stand for. Think of incorporating these 6 lessons into your mindset and use then to help you with your own business. Your journey will not be easy, and you will encounter difficult and uncomfortable situations along the way. Never give up and good luck on your entrepreneurship journey!

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