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    5 Ingredients to Web Development Success Recipe

    5 Ingredients to Web Development Success Recipe

    In today’s technological world, maximum business organizations are developing successful websites to engage potential audiences, establish credibility, build deeper relationships, and attract new customers.

    A successfully developed site provides a smooth and steady flow of your business services online.

    As per the needs, requirements, and demands of audiences, every organization needs to have an online presence. Therefore, to create a promising and efficient website, companies are using multiple web development tools such as

    • Chrome Developer Tools.
    • Twitter Bootstrap.
    • jQuery.
    • Sublime Text.
    • GitHub.
    • Sass.
    • Angular.js.

    Here we have outlined the top 5 tips which will help you to develop a functional and interactive website for your business.

    Tip-1: Make a User-Friendly Website

    A user wants an interactive, informative, and user-friendly website. Your website will entice numerous visitors if it takes less time to load, serves its purpose, and has the right layout. Website development success is majorly based on two primary factors that are visibility and usability.

    Therefore, to offer simple navigation to the visitors, consider both these aspects while developing a website. 

    An ideal user-friendly website’s characteristics are

    • Well Planned Information Architecture
    • Good Error Handling
    • Well-Formatted Content
    • Effective Navigation
    • Mobile Compatibility
    • Fast Load Times
    • Accessible to All Users

    Tip-2: Less Loading Time

    “The first impression is the last impression.” Keep this famous phrase in mind while developing your website. A user stays on your website if your loading time is quite less. Nobody wants to spend a minute or more on a page to load.

    A 1 second delay in the load time of a particular page of your website leads to a 7% loss in conversions, a 16% decrease in user satisfaction, and 11% fewer page views. 

    More than 44% of users develop a negative image of the company and they will never visit that site again if their website takes more time to load or it crashes frequently. 

    53% of users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It is recommended to keep the loading time less than 2 seconds.

    Considerable points to enhance your website speed while developing a website such as:

    • Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time
    • Trim Down JavaScript Parsing
    • Apply CSS3 and HTML5
    • Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets
    • Compress All the Images to Minimize Image Size
    • Do Away with Redirects
    • Apply AJAX for Mobile Sites
    • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) System

    Tip-3: Provide Informative And Client-Focused Content

    According to an independent study, two out of three users prefer to read exquisitely designed content.

    You need to focus on informative, engaging, and relevant content to attract more visitors to your website. Furthermore, you can frequently update your clients with all your new products and services.

    Evaluating the content of your website is the best way to improve your website ranking and enhance your business productivity, which eventually helps you to generate more traffic and leads.

    Tip-4: Social Media Visibility

    According to the latest social media statistics, approximately 3.02 billion people worldwide are currently active on social media networks.

    Considering audience interest while developing a website as social media is the best way to uplift your website usage and to promote your services through several social media networking channels.

    Easy Ways to Boost the Visibility of Your Social Media Profiles

    • Make Your Social Media Icons Easily Visible on Your Site
    • Use Trending And Latest Hashtags
    • Embed Posts In Your Blog
    • Tag Other Pages on Facebook
    • Optimize Your Social Media Profiles
    • Cross-Promote on Different Networks

    Tip-5: Mobile Responsive Website

    In this technological era, no one works without a mobile. There are around 5.11 billion unique mobile users, and more than 4.39 billion people use the internet on mobile. By keeping all this in mind, develop a mobile-friendly website for a better user experience.

    When a website is responsive, the content, design, layout, etc. adapt to the size of the screen they are presented on. It should automatically fit the device you are reading it on.

    Typically there have been four popular screen sizes: mobile phone, tablets or tab, laptop, and widescreen desktop monitor. The size of your browser should adjust automatically irrespective of the screen size.


    Hope you get a clear vision on these five key ingredients which enable you to analyze and develop a better version of your business website and help you to better your website success.

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