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    • How to sell your B2B services? The Ultimate Agency Sales Guide.

    How to sell your B2B services? The Ultimate Agency Sales Guide.

    How To Sell Your B2B Services? The Ultimate Agency Sales Guide.


    Business-to-Business, also known as B2B, is a business term used to describe a company or a business that sells its product or service to another company or business. It is easy to sell products and services to end customers (B2C) through all channels such as an E-Commerce website, Facebook, Instagram, …etc. With B2B, it is much more difficult especially in a country like Qatar where the whole population, according to worldometer, is approximately 2.8 million: The companies you are selling to is low, high competition from local and international suppliers and the means to approach companies has become harder than ever. If you follow the upcoming simple guidelines, will help you increase your B2B sales and gain a competitive edge. The Ultimate Agency Sales Guide helps we give a brief introduction in showing how to grow your B2B business

    1. Setup your sales strategy

    It is as simple as this: Who do you want to reach out to? Create your ideal targeted business profile and try to answer the below questions:

    1. What problems do they have?
    2. What industry are they in?
    3. How can you help them?
    4. Did they try a competitor’s solution? If yes, how does it compare to your solution?
    5. Who should you reach out to in this business? The job title.

    You must specify your niche and focus your sales efforts on one niche at a time for maximum results.

    For example: creating a reach out email or phone script will be different if you are talking to a restaurant than if you are approaching a bank.

    2. Research & List companies that fit your profile

    Once you have identified your niche and who your ideal customer is, the next step is to list companies that fit your criteria. Go on Google, LinkedIn and even Business Directories.

    If for example you are targeting restaurants, you might as well go on food delivery apps like Talabat for more information.

    You want to reach out to at least 30 companies per day/campaign in order to test the effectiveness of your outreach method and whether the targeted niche is ideal or not. During your research, identify stakeholders and decision makers in these companies, an ideal tool for this is LinkedIn’s sales navigator tool. You can also opt to purchase a list already gathered by someone for quick results.

    3. Outreaching your potential companies

    Now that you have your list ready of the company name, email and contact person; start thinking about the method you will use to reach out to them. If it’s your first time, try to experiment with different methods: cold emails, LinkedIn (connect with the person first) or via phone calls. You have to look for the outreaching methods that work best for the same industry you are in and the same market; targeting restaurants in the U.S is different from Qatar.

    4. Setup a call or Schedule a meeting

    You will get some responses back who are interested in your products or services, these are called Hot Leads. Try to setup a call or schedule a meeting to decide if they qualify or not. Never try to sell in your first meeting; you always want to ease them in and get them on a call.

    5. Qualification Call/Meeting

    Once you have the hot lead in a call or a meeting, make sure to listen as much as possible. Let them speak and express their pains and what their goals are. Follow-up with questions and then listen more. The purpose of this call is to determine if they can afford your service or need at all to begin with.

    # Tips and Tricks for Higher B2B Sales

    In order to get Higher B2B Sales your approach will be different on targeting a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) from an Enterprise company.

    How to target (Small to Medium Enterprises) SMEs?

    The key here is speed. You have to reach out to as many businesses as you can. Why? Because that type of deal usually has low income and thus you want to maximize your efforts and plan on quantity.

    1. Build a big list by going to local directories like yellow pages or yelp.
    2. Search for your Niche industry
    3. Gather information such as email and contact number. Typically for small businesses, the owner look into the info email.
    4. Research on Solutions they provide and Identify pain points if any
    5. Lookup reviews on Google Business and Facebook for more insights
    6. Send a cold email introducing yourself, what challenges they are probably facing and see if they want to jump on a call.
    7. After couple of days, send in another follow-up email

    How to target Enterprise Companies?

    The key here is building a relationship with a key decision maker or influencer. These types of deals usually take longer to close but yield an extremely profitable income to your company.

    1. Build a list of the top companies you want to work with
    2. Identify the key decision makers or influencers in the company
    3. Find a way to be introduced to them in a friendly manner. An example of that would be to check if you have any common connections with them on LinkedIn that can introduce you.
    4. Build a relationship and gain their trust
    5. Pitch them your solution and how it will either increase their profiles or decrease their costs. Numbers matter to these big companies!
    6. Once you have closed one big company, go to other big companies in the same industry and show them the work you have done.


    It is tough selling at these uncertain times with COVID-19 affecting many businesses. You have got to believe in yourself and the product or service you are selling. Follow the steps above and it should yield you positive results. Our final piece of advice is to always review your process and improve one thing at a time.

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