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    • 6 Pro Tactics to Maximize Organic Traffic

    6 Pro Tactics to Maximize Organic Traffic

    6 Pro Tactics to Maximize Organic Traffic

    No one wants to spend even a penny to drive visitors to their website. We all hope for increased organic traffic, but it is easier said than done.

    Fortunately, here in this post, we’ll be sharing six super-easy yet effective ways to boost search traffic to your website and achieve your long-term marketing goals. So, let’s find out:-

    1. Internal Linking

    Internal links are like pathways that facilitate both the search engine crawlers and users to recognize your content. However, their role goes way beyond that.

    An internal link directs users to another webpage on the website, and it benefits your site in a myriad of ways:-

    • Help your website gain top rankings for relevant keywords.
    • Let every visitor have a hassle-free experience browsing your site
    • Direct your visitors to revenue-driven web pages.
    • Strengthens your site structure

    We can embed a decent number of internal links throughout a web page; which includes image links, banner Ads links, and call-to-action buttons.

    Best Practices of Internal Linking:-

    • Make sure every webpage includes internal links that are a way to show Google crawlers that your website is purposeful
    • Make the web pages crawlable and update the robot.txt file.
    • Use a site map.
    • Fix broken links regularly.
    • Pay close attention to the anchor text; it must convey the message to your visitors so that they can click it.

    2. Content Audit

    A content audit is the strategic analysis and assessment of all the content on your site. It is done with three defined objectives.

    First, is checking whether the content is in line with Google guidelines. Second, is it engaging to your prospective audience? And, finally, if it drives the conversion rate?

    A typical content audit includes analyzing the content of the website and evaluating different metrics:-

    • SEO Metrics: Keyword Rankings, Backlinks, Organic Traffic, etc.
    • User-behavior Metrics: Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Pageviews, etc.
    • Engagement Metrics: Likes, Shares, Comments, etc.
    • Sales Metrics: Leads, Conversion Rates, ROI, etc.

    Determine if the content is relevant? Does it solve the user problems? Is it connected with the sentiment of your audience? Is it optimized for selected keywords? After that, consider other factors like reading score, grammar, and sentence formation.

    3. Fix Broken Links

    If you’ve been running the website for quite some time, then I’m pretty damn sure your site will have some broken links. The dead 404-error pages not only create a terrible user experience but also devalue your SEO efforts — as Google hates broken webpages, just like the users.

    To avoid this, we recommend you must check your website for broken links regularly, at least once in three to six months. Several FREE online tools will put forth all the broken links by running a quick scan for a couple of minutes.

    4. Make Images Shareable

    In the era of social media, it’s not essential how appealing your image is, but how sharable the visual information is. Today, image sharing has emerged to be the most prominent form of backlinks, which many are unaware of.

    To drive measurable results from each image, do:-

    • Write a brief description of the image, along with a relevant keyword in the alt tag.
    • Have a watermark in contrasting color from the image background, ideally near the image bottom.
    • Think about adding distinctive colors to each image so they create some sort of trademark.

    Besides, images make Infographics and Charts sharable too because users love to share data.

    5. Caching Plugin

    If you want to increase the page loading speed, then install a caching plugin. Here are some benefits of a caching plugin:-

    • Reduces the load time of your website
    • Improves the overall site experience
    • Improvement in SEO rankings
    • Server uses fewer resources
    • Caching is one of the most effective ways to lower TTFB (Time to First Byte)

    6. Featured Snippets

    The featured snippets appear in the form of boxes with your Google search site results. They are
    ‘Google’s easiest and quickest way to answer a user query. They also indicated that the content is relevant.

    The two most popular format of features snippets include:-

    • Paragraphs: Thy appears when a user has asked a long query, so the questions with answers will appear in paragraphs.
    • Lists: Appear when the user needs step-by-step instruction, such as fix a computer problem.

    If your content is chosen by Google for a featured snippet, it would mean:-

    • Increase in organic traffic and clicks.
    • Your voice will be more authoritative.
    • Taking advantage of the growing trends.

    Now, how to get your content to appear on Google’s featured snippets? Here are some proven tips:-

    • Create content specifically to answer questions, give an in-depth answer.
    • Know the different questions your users are asking, and include in your content.
    • Create relevant and high-quality content.
    • Use question-and-answer pages.

    In the end…

    Competitive packages and significant results — higher search engine visibility, improved traffic, increased leads, and better ROI — promised by Digiturnal, a top-ranked IT company in Qatar.

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